Connection to Atlas with web identity token file is taking first Environment variables

Using MongoDB driver 4.15 for nodejs.
I’m trying to connect to Atlas from a pod in an EKS cluster, using web identity token file.
When my pod needs to access also other AWS resources like S3, and I expose AWS environment variables (like AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY), the MongoDB driver takes into account the credentials before the web identity token, and fails to connect as my pod specific user, can’t access Atlas.
When I don’t expose AWS variables, my pod successfully uses the web identity token and connects to Atals.
(The driver checks the credentials in specific order, and gives precedence to env. variables before web identity as documented here
I need the AWS credentials in my pod in order to access AWS resources, so can’t remove them from my env.
How can I overcome it and tell the MongoClient to take the web identity token before ?