Connection String

What Coonection string is used in this particular exercise

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You have to check which cluster is mentioned in the questions and then you can use the same connection strings that you have used in previous chapters to connect to the class Atlas Cluster and Sandbox cluster.

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I dont think any cluster is mentioned in the question… they have named the connection name,

Hi @laxmi_51996,

As I can see that you are trying to attempt Chapter 3: Comparison Operator Quiz. So, the questions states that:

Using the $in operator, filter the video.movieDetails collection to determine how many movies list “Ethan Coen” or “Joel Coen” among their writers. Your filter should match all movies that list one of the Coen brothers as writers regardless of how many other writers are also listed. Select the number of movies matching this filter from the choices below.

Here you have to check that video.movieDetails collection is in the Atlas Sanbox cluster. So, you need to connect to the Sandbox cluster using mongo shell/Compass and then run the query.

You have to follow the same approach throughout the rest of the course.

The two Atlas clusters that we are using throughout this course are as follows:

  1. The Class Cluster was already created for the course. Refer to the following screenshot of the Class Cluster:

  2. The Sandbox cluster is created by the users themselves in the course. Refer to the following screenshot of the Sandbox Cluster:

Please let me know, if you have any questions.