Connection Pooling


In Connection Pooling Lecture, Chapter 4, the instructor stated that:

The next requests come in different connections in the pool get allocated to fulfill these requests.
By default, the driver will create a connection pool of 100 connections to share.

I don’t know the situation in other MongoDB Drivers, however, since the course is for Node driver, I must assume that the instructor is indeed referring to the native Node Driver.

But in the mongodb source code, it is clearly not the case. The default is 5, and moreover, the max pool size is 10.

Can someone please explain it and correct either the source code or the lecture?

@Omer_Toraman1 I won’t help much by saying I’ve found the same.

Both the node MongoDB driver uses 5. At least, since version 3.0

Same thing for packages like mongoose as they use the driver under the hood, and the same default.