Connection-pooling.test.js failing.... have tried several times now and checked other discussions here too

Here is my .env file. (on Windows OS)

Here is my Cluster setup with IP Whitelisting:

Here is my npm install output… seems like it has installed everything fine, but with warnings and high vulnerabilities…

Here is my npm start output (the application loads successfully and is listening on port 5000)

Here is the application that opens on localhost:5000

So far, all was looking fine; however, the connection-pooling test failed as follows:

I have followed all steps, as per the instructions. Please help with the error, without this I am not able to proceed forward…

Thank you in advance!!

Note: I am able to connect to the Atlas Cluster using the connection string from mongo shell, but the above test continues to fail…

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Hi Puneet,

I believe you are on Chapter 1, Driver Setup. Let me know if this is not the case.

Can you access the status page at http://localhost:5000/status ?

Please post the contents of your src/main/resources/ file for review.

You can continue with the course in the meantime, and return to this question, if you want to keep progressing with the course.

Kind regards,
MongoDB University Support

Hi Annette,

I have already completed the LABS for Week 1 and will be starting with Week 2 shortly…

Yes, I am able to access the status page of the application, and I have got the first 3 validation strings marked as GREEN on the Status page…

Contents of src/main/resources/ ? Well, I don’t have a main folder within src folder. The folder structure that you have provided in the project files for src folder is as follows:

Hi Puneet,

My apologies, I was quoting the path to the Java version of the course, rather the the Javascript course which you are undertaking.

To check if it is just the test for connection pool size that is failing, can you try another test and let us know the result?

npm test -t db-connection


The test you are pointing out was the 1st ticket for the course “Ticket : Connection” and it passed successfully. Following is the test result for this:


Can you explain why is the connection-pooling test case failing? Was it even expected to pass this test case during the initial setup? I can see there is a connection-pooling ticket for the later chapter… so was connection-pooling expected to pass automatically at the initial setup?

Hi @PuneetC,

No, it is not expected. It was just an example to show how tests are needed to run.


Ok, then I totally misunderstood it.

Thank you Kanika for the clarification… :slight_smile:

This was a part of Week 3 labs, and after making the required code change, this worked.

Thank you!