Connection-pooling error

Hi Guys

In localhost:5000 website is working properly but when i tried to test with npm test -t connection-pooling command its throwing error. I have attached the screenshot with this please help me to rectify this issue.

npm test -t connection-pooling
npm test -t mongoclient

Above test commands are not working please anyone help me to rectify this problem

Thank you

Connection pooling has not even been covered in the course material as yet.

The unit tests apply to each Ticket in the course material, and require you to typically edit the DAO parts of the implementation or some other script, but never the actual unit test code itself.

If you want to push on ahead yourself, then read the unit test code and make sure you make the changes in the required places. But otherwise, just leave it until the lessons actually give you some instruction to do otherwise. And if you have to ask questions here about it, then it would be advisable to wait until the course actually covers it.

Hi Neil

Thank you for your reply.

you are telling me to leave this issue now it wont be a problem.