Connection Issues to the Atlas Instance

having issues connecting to the Atlas instance

  • Hostname :
  • SRV Record : ON
  • Authentication : Username / Password
  • Username : m320-student
  • Password : m320-password

getting timed out errors:

It works from my end. Potential causes:

  1. the server was not ready when you tried
  2. you have firewall preventing outgoing connection

Try ‚ÄúPrimary Preferred‚ÄĚ, instead of ‚ÄúPrimary‚ÄĚ, for the ‚ÄúRead Preference‚ÄĚ.

If it still does not work, would you try installing MongoDB on your machine, and try to connect with the Mongo shell using the following command:

mongo "mongodb+srv://" --username m320-student --password m320-password

If this succeeds, would you report how many seconds I took to connect?
I am curious to see if it takes more than 10 seconds, which is the timeout value for Compass.


got in now, looks like a firewall issue.