Connection from Compass

I can connect using the IDE from the course but using Compass I get this error
querySrv ENOTFOUND _mongodb._tcp.sandbox.x6u09

What does it suggest is wrong ?
Connection is under general -
using same user, cluster info and following same pattern
The IP list includes any IP for any IP

It looks like you tried to type in your cluster address by hand rather than cut-n-paste it from the cluster UI.

You mistyped the / between x6u09 and You need a dot not a slash.

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Thanks - for catching that error. I replaced the / with . but still get an error with a meaning that’s unknown.
Here is the connect string with password as placeholder: mongodb+srv://
error : etaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

also I dont see a cluster view on my Compass - but when I log on web I get this Copy the connection string, then open MongoDB Compass.


works on 1 device - but not on another …
The one that does NOT connect is on a VPN - I picked up today IP and added it along with the anything goes IP but still get same error

Hi @Andrew_Watts,

This seems to be a local DNS error:

I hope it helps!