Connection between Atlas Cluster and Realm Servers broken?

Have an M10 Cluster with 1 DB. OSX Clients using sync.
Twice now, it appears the connection between Atlas and the Realm platform has stopped replicating data.
I am running in Dev mode … so no rules or filters interfering.
OSX clients can connect to Realm Servers without issue. Run Functions and they even seem to persist newly Client generated data at the Realm layer (as i can delete the App along with the local Realm DB and this new data will replicate down to the Client). Any historic data residing in Atlas will not replicate down and new Client Schema or data will not replicate to Atlas.
I have tried clearing Realm Schema definitions and terminating Sync and restarting (several times) without joy. I am at a loss. I Have logged with Support … but they are not very responsive … with the ‘it’s Beta’ response … anybody else experiencing anything or have advice ? thanks

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@Damian_Raffell A good way to troubleshoot problems like this, is to go to the logs and filter for errors only, you will see that you have schema errors there. Fix the schema errors, terminate sync, re-enable, and wipe your simulator/emulator. Rinse and repeat

Hi Ian … thanks for coming back… i’m struggling with this one.
I have checked my server logs … I only have 8 errors registered today and none show a schema error ?
I see them yesterday tho.
Am i looking in the wrong place?
I have stopped and flushed the simulator, terminated and restarted Sync … to no avail
I have run validation on all the schema rules at Realm with no issues.

i have another one of these tho ?
there are no mongodb/atlas services with sync enabled

@Damian_Raffell I think when you restart sync it clears out the logs - it probably makes sense to just create a completely new app and start fresh to clear out any lingering erroneous state.

The logs don’t seem to be disappearing on restart … ?
Wish it was that easy …but i have Functions and Hosting on this Realm App.
One thing i have noticed is that even after terminating Sync there is still some Schema definitions listed. I would have thought it should flush this info if it doesn’t know which DB you’re ultimately going to connect to ?
I will try some more things … cheers

@Damian_Raffellc Yeah terminating sync does not clear out the schemas - you will need to delete those from the schema page.