Connecting to the Atlas server from a firewalled server

Hello, I’d like to connect from a firewalled server. This server only allows port 80 and 443 for the outbound data. How can I connect to the Atlas server from such system?

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Atlas ports are curently not configurable, so ideally your system administrator should allow outbound connections to the required ports to access Atlas clusters. That will be at least port 27017 and possibly 27016 (for sharded clusters) and 27015 (MongoDB Connector for BI).

I assume your firewalled server is not on AWS, GCP, or Azure which would remove the possibility of using a Network Peering Connection.

I think your remaining options are:

  • connect from a less restrictive server environment

  • install and manage a deployment of MongoDB Community Server in your own environment.

Since your deployment has outbound connections limited to port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS), I would not be surprised if non-HTTP traffic like MongoDB still ends up blocked via the open ports. However, you also could raise this as an Atlas feature request on the MongoDB Feedback site.


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