Connecting to Robo 3T with from the Atlas Cluster


I’m looking to see if it’s possible to use the Atlas connection string for the Aggregation (M121) course, provided in the first lab in Chapter 1, to connect via Robo 3T? It’s hard to read the input and output from the terminal and I would love the ability to be able to write and execute my queries in the same interface, while having slightly more readable output. I’ve tried pasting the cluster connection string with the replica set, in the textbox adjacent to the From SRV button; then I entered the credentials in the Authentication tab, but I’m getting denied when I click Test.

Thanks for your help.

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I strongly recommend using MongoDB Compass (which is free) or an actively updated tool rather than Robo3T. Compass embeds a version of the new MongoDB Shell (mongosh) that is compatible with all modern versions of MongoDB server. Compass provides a GUI interface, and the new MongoDB shell has features like coloured syntax highlighting for readability.

Robo3T is not actively updated, has many unresolved issues, and embeds a specific version of the legacy mongo shell. The current version of Robo3T (1.4) embeds the MongoDB 4.2 shell.



Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. Appreciate your response :slight_smile:

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I was able to connect to MongoDB Compass with the provided connection string from the Lab. Thanks for the suggestion.

FYI, if anyone is reading this and having issues connecting, as I was initially, remember you need to add the user name and password, colon-delimited, and with an @, before the server name in your SRV. The beginning of your SRV should look like this mongodb://myusername:mypassword@