Connecting to Our Class Atlas

i am very confused,in this chapter do we still use MongoDB compass or not, and where is the atlas at. I also tried to run Mongo and access was denied.

Yes we use both Compass and shell in this class
Command to connect to class cluster:
mongo mongodb://,, --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username m001-student --password m001-mongodb-basics

You are not denied connection
You are already at mongo prompt when you ran mongod
It connected to default port 27017

I can connect my sanbox cluster in mongo shell and load vedio data
MongoDB Enterprise M001-shard-0:PRIMARY> load(ā€œloadMovieDetailsDataset.jsā€)

But I tried to use compass to connect my sanbox cluster with connect string
" " , the error out as ā€˜MongoDB not running on the provided host and portā€™.
why ? please help !

Hi @Lei_70670,

Please check the following post: