Connecting to Atlas Cluster

While connecting to the ATLAS CLUSTER, I have followed till choosing “I have mongo shell installed” and clicked on Copy the command string but after that what should I do. I have stuck there.

Hi @Purnashankar_Marigidda,
Please login with that connection string from terminal/mongo shell, so you will get connected to mentioned cluster through shell.
After that If you face any issue then post in this same thread. here are many peoples who can easily help you to get it resolved.

Manoj M SAwant.

Hi @Purnashankar_Marigidda,

Are you talking about this lab - Chapter 1: Lab: Connect to your Atlas Cluster ?

If yes, then you are supposed to copy-paste the connection string in the IDE Terminal.

~ Shubham

I have copied that string and pasted in my cmd prompt , then entered password after that I hit “Run Test”
this happened

Incorrect! Try again

You actually have to connect to your cluster from the IDE.

Hi @Purnashankar_Marigidda,

I hope your issue got resolved. If you are still facing any issues then please let us know.

~ Shubham