Connecting M121 Atlas To Visual Studio Code Update

Update on this…

I have been using VS Code with the MongoDB extension loaded and it is really nice for writing your queries out.

HOWEVER, I added the {$project: {"_id": 0, “imdb.rating”: 1, “genres”: 1, “languages”: 1, “rated”: 1}} field to the end of my aggregation and ran the playgound.

Then I ran db.movies.aggregate(pipeline) and VS Code only displays the first 20 records even though the query returned 24.

I cannot find anywhere in documentation (both Microsoft and Mongo) on how to adjust this so… use with caution when you need to check your output.

{$count: “Total Records”} seems to be working fine.

You can also check your record count by adding itcount() to the end of the db.movies.aggregate(pipeline) command.