Connecting from Linux

From my Mac I connect fine to my atlas class dB. From Linux I am getting invalid port

Then unfortunately the obvious conclusion is that you made a mistake.

Otherwise, the question would be whether the networks between Mac and Atlas are different from Linux and Atlas. Could there be something blocking the traffic from the Linux host?

I suspect is the shell version 3.2.1

Port is open but I get port not open error

Software versions do not play a role in network connectivity.

Can you connect to the hostname+port number using netcat? If netcat is not available, it’s also often called nc. You basically do: netcat 27017 from the Linux command line. If that one also cannot connect, then it definitely is a networking issue.

That gave a better error

Forward host lookup failed

Somehow my route is not showing the ip but the domain name
But makes no sense as I can. Browse and connect from. browser my cluster