Connect with the mongo shell

after i copy the connection string, where should i paste it.
i dont see any command window in atlas

Hi @Ganesh_Venkatraman,
To connect to cluster through atlas system, you can directly connect by login to your atlas account from web. Here you don’t need to provide connection string.
If you want to connect to cluster througn MongoDB Compass system then you have to specify connection string to connect.

Manoj M Sawant.

Hi Manoj

Thanks for the reply. Im taking a course from mongodb university and they have given

Instruction to connect through mongo shell, so I was trying that. I don’t see the cmd line option in atlas.

How do you get the IDE from Atlas?

There is no command line in Atlas
You have to copy that string and paste in your laptop/PC command prompt(assuming Windows is your os)

Have you installed shell?Only then you can connect

Chapter 0: Setup - Installing the mongo Shell (Windows) ?

ok Thanks I will check

Hi @Ganesh_Venkatraman,

mongo shell has already been installed in the IDE environment. You can simply copy-paste the connection string that you are seeing in screenshot 2.

~ Shubham

does it mean we have to install the mongodb-shell-windows to able to use the IDE?
in the tutorial it doesn’t explain where we can star the IDE?
any suggestion?

yes it does not say where the IDE is. I found it is in the bottom of the lessons.
check on the left side bottom of the chapters. you will see IDE

Hi @Ganesh_Venkatraman,
Can you please explain, where did you find the IDE, I am unable to locate it. If possible please add a screenshot

Hi @Sathya_Hanuman_R_Nallapeta and @Andri_Setiawan,

If you scroll down to the bottom of Chapter 1: Lab: Connect to your Atlas Cluster, you can see the 'IDE`. It’s embedded in the lab that uses it.

Let me know if you still have any questions.

~ Shubham