Connect to your Atlas Cluster Integrated IDE lab tests not working as expected

I’ve followed the instructions to create a new M001 project and Sandbox cluster, with the expected m001-student and password, and I can connect to this cluster using the integrated IDE as shown in the screenshot below, however the tests fail to pass.

One thing of note is that I created this new project within my company’s organization instead of in a new account tied to my personal account. Could that explain why one of the test is failing?

I’m also able to enumerate the databases and list of collections within a database. From the Integrated IDE:

> show databases
sample_airbnb       54.9 MB
sample_geospatial   1.97 MB
sample_mflix        50.4 MB
sample_restaurants  6.71 MB
sample_supplies     1.02 MB
sample_training     49.7 MB
sample_weatherdata  3.07 MB
admin                377 kB
local               6.39 GB
> use sample_training
switched to db sample_training
> show collections

Your setup is correct. See Chapter 1 IDE Lab won't recognize m001-student as correct - #7 by steevej

In short use mongo rather than mongosh.

Thank you, that worked :+1: