Confusion about registering/linking users

Hi, we’ve a use-case where we don’t force first-time users to register in order to use our app. However, they can start creating content. Right now we’re creating anonymous accounts for these users and sync their content. Once they decide to create an account, we link their account with the authentication method they prefer. (Manual, Google, FB or Apple)

The problem
We don’t wanna sync contents of anonymous accounts unless they sign in to an existing account or create a new one.

Is it possible to prevent cloud syncing for anonymous users. (To save some resources) Or should we create users on demand. If we create users on demand (email or with oauth provider) how can we migrate the content created without user.


Hi @ilker_cam,
what are you using as your partitioning key?

Hi @Andrew_Morgan
user id

I ended up with migrating the local realm to synced realm upon login and register

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