Confusing course


I am having a lot of questions with this course. Especially at chapter 1. I watch the videos and i am a bit confused with the explanation about pojo and codecs etc. That is normal and completely fine i think, especially when there are exercises to learn it with and links to other information. I searched a little bit about these subjects trying to understand these concepts but it seems hard to define. I hoped that the exercises would help me understand it more by perhaps letting me make my own codec or something concerning that. Instead we had to just make a filter and sort function. Thinking i might ve missed something i went on to the tests. In the functions mentioned like getMoviesByGenre were also TODO comments but i left them as in the assignment it was mentioned that we only had to finish the getmoviesbycast bit even though in the test they perform tests on both of these mentioned unchanged functions as well. (seemed very odd to me). To my utter suprise, the tests worked perfectly. I have barely done anything, i still dont fully understand the concepts of pojo and codecs completely and feel like this exercise has nothing to do with those subjects directly.
Now it s true, my tests worked, i can continue my course, it is not really a “problem” that i am stuck with. I do not really need an answer and think that i will figure it out the course slowly but surely. I just wanted to mention my confusion about the amount of information given, the connection to the exercise and the excess tests with it. Performing tests on functions that we did not change without any comments on why these tests are performed is a bit weird. (I am guessing that this is so people dont adjust something in them and leave the functions broken when continuing this course). Again, this is not really a question, just a comment I wanted to share. I would love to hear if others are experiencing this the same way as I do or what they did to perhaps help themselves learn it better.
Thank you for reading all this and i wish everyone the best during the course.

There are different tickets and you may come back to a method later on, I guess. I also saw that. I also have the feeling that I just make small additions to the code base, but it changes over time. I am at middle of chapter 2 and I get the feeling I need to implement more now

Hi @Esly_Goethals_89705
Thank you for providing detailed feedback on the lecture and assignment. We understand and appreciate you sharing your experience.

The goal of the lesson was not to explain POJO, as POJO is a Java specific programming concept, but rather to draw a parallel between a POJO and a Codec. We hope that this makes reading the application code easier and implementing tickets more intuitive.

If you go to the lessons directory within the m220 project you will find Codecs and POJO that are used in this lesson, so that you can experiment with them at your own pace.

When putting together a course for Java developers with assume knowledge of Java concepts and focus on MongoDB related implementations and tools, aiming to expose functionality that is helpful in production.

Please keep your feedback coming, we’re always happy to learn and improve with our students’ help.