Confused for a answer

“_id”: 3,
“host”: “localhost:27020”,
“priority”: 0,
“votes”: 0,
“slaveDelay”: 3600
this config is fron 5 th question from final exam ,whose answer is it hot backup with delay of 1hr
my confusion is
is this node not a hidden node ?


This is from the docs:

  host: <string>,
  hidden: <boolean>,
  priority: <number>, 
  slaveDelay: <int>,
  votes: <number>

A hidden node needs that boolean value. From that, I can’t really tell if it’s hidden.

All we know is it can’t be elected primary, and it’s non-voting. So it can’t be neither arbiter nor primary.

Yet it’d be nice if you can include the whole exercise.

Hi @sumit_mondal,

Thanks for surfacing this. We will make the changes.

This is a Delayed Node and a delayed node must be a hidden member.

~ Shubham