Confused by Message, m001 lesson 2.3

Dear MongoDB,
Greetings and good morning, can I proceed with this message?mongocorrectq

Also, when pasting when attempting to connect to the Atlas cluster, I get something different than the video…mongo%20trying%20to%20connect it says WARNING shell and server versions do not match

Hi FRANKLIN_14448,

– You are already in the mongo shell. So you need to exit the mongo shell to run mongo --nodb. Type exit and then run mongo --nodb , it will open a new mongo shell.

This is just a warning. For the explanation of Warning:

shell & server versions do no match

It means the version of your system i,e 4.0.3 (I am assuming) and the server version (to which you are connecting i.e is using different version i.e 3.6.8

However, you may have noticed that when you connected using mongo --nodb
it is showing MongoDB shell version v4.0.3 which match your shell version, so it is not throwing any warning

I hope it clears the confusion!


thanks for advice, i’ve same problem, and I read again from above, it’s just connected succesfully, but different type of mongo version on server