Confused as to where to write my solution about 3 node replica set

I apologies but I know not where to write the solution. In fact I can,t because I transgressed the time limite.

Unfortunately, once the deadline passes, you can no longer submit homework.

This does NOT mean an automatic failure, so keep on studying :slight_smile:

Indeed, I will keep trying. I have spent some much time with MongoDB that I can,t stop. I thank you sincerely. I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you again.
I have passed the PowerBi exam.
Si I now must manage the MongDB BI Connector
Paul A. Dupuis

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You can do it!

Most importantly, have fun with it!

I am confused too M. Dupuis.

In your resume on LinkedIn you write that you are “MongoDB Associate DBA and MongoDB Value Added Reseller VAR” from at least 2017 and yet your were taking this course and having this much need for help.

@steevej-1495: While the MongoDB partner program seems to prefer companies that have "at least two staff members who have completed MongoDB University online education, training classes, or certification", it does not appear to be a hard requirement. The application form provides the option to “detail your plan for training staff on MongoDB”. The “seed level” VAR only requires an approved application request.

Hi steeve:
I understand your confusion
I have done the multiple choice C100 associate exam, not that hard and perhaps and perhaps exceptional.
I want to do the actual DBA down to to the database operations. It is quite different and difficult,So I may know how it works in its iner-workings.

I have done SAS Regression and am certified.

Business Intellgenceis my starting point: Brio, Cognos and Media. This latter tool is little known and not used much today. It is Object-oriented written in Smalltalk, has a multimatricial amd muiltidimensional DB. It is also hybrid in that SQL is used to refresh immediately low-level data that the DB would only show per period sometimes a 2 weeks, perhaps a month.

I understand your remarks but it does not mean I can get into the nitty-gritty of the DB without flaws Thus my efforts with M103.

Kind regards,
Paul A. Dupuis

Hi Steeve:
Futhermore, there are not any labs in multiple choice exams