Configure a sharded cluster for lab

In lab i did

  1. Bring up config servers
  2. Bring up mongos
    3.reconfigure m103-repl
    when iam executing this
    mongod -f mongod-repl-1.conf
    it stuck under this fork process

What error you are getting?
Is mongod up or ended with error?
Not clear what you mean by stuck
Please check ps -ef|grep mogo or check mongod.log

Hi @SUJANA_42894,

The information that you have provided is not enough for us to understand the problem. Please share the information requested by @Ramachandra_37567.

In addition to this, please share the log file. You can access the content by running the command mentioned below.

cat <Your log path specified in configuration file>

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer