Configuration File : end of map not found

Please I need someone to guide me on why this configuration file is not working, I actually got it from my lesson note, I believe it is supposed to work been that is what they use to train us…but all through the night till now I have been it trying to figure out the problem.
My mongod.conf file

The output on my command line.

Please guide me as much as you can …

As rightly mentioned in your other thread, your indentation is incorrect:

By the way, are you trying to follow the lecture?

yes, am trying to practice with the record they drop on the lesson note. I believe with help me understand it better.

I have done the correction but the issue still persist.

There are some config options in the video that are irrelevant. I’ve stripped it down:

  dbPath: "/data/db/"
  path: "/data/db/mongod.log"
  destination: file
  logAppend: true
  replSetName: M103
  bindIp: ","
  port: 27017
  fork: true

Ensure that /data/db/ exists and is empty.

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And here’s what it says in that particular lecture re Configuration File:

@007_jb , thank you for saving the situation , i so appreciate what you help me do today. I can now confidently go and face my lab for this lecture. Your code worked properly.


Good man!

For your reference, here’s the full set of config options. You’ll need it at some point: