Configuration file doesn't exist in shared folder

I am trying to work on configuration file on windows env. But I couldn’t find it anywhere neither its mentioned anywhere to create it manually.

Where does it get’s created/saved in Mongo DB windows server.

Hi @Gaurav_65978,

If you’ve installed the vagrant virtual machine, the shared folder was created in the same location as the vagrant file.

Hi @Gaurav_65978,

On Windows host machine, a default <install directory>/bin/mongod.cfg configuration file is included during the installation.

If you are running the m103 vagrant virtual machine on your host machine then you can find the mongod.conf configuration file inside the /etc directory.

If you want to see the content of this file then please run this command inside the vagrant environment.

  cat /etc/mongod.conf 

Please refer the Lecture: Configuration File and our documentation on configuration file for more information.

Note : In order to be able to complete this course, you are supposed to be working inside the m103 vagrant environment and not on your windows host machine because the validation scripts for the lab are only present in the vagrant environment.

Hope it helps!

Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Thank you shubham for your revert. I am using mongodb inside vagrant itself. Also checked the /bin folder but only vagrant application is present there.

You are expected to create the config file and place it inside the shared folder. There should be Lecture/Lab Instructions in the lectures/labs with sample config options, and you can also refer to the documentation.