Configuration file/create a user

Constantly getting the following error:
Tried all the options from the related forums

Please help, extremely frustrated. Something to do with authorization

OK I figured: the lab requirement are very not clear and does not specify exact steps, which makes doing these lags for beginners a nightmare. Incomparably less clear and more complex compared to the first tutorial (001).
After entering the first command hit enter (running mongod with config file)
After entering the second part (syntax to create a user) hit enter again
Then click Run test (do not assume “run test” means “enter”). Stupid me… urgh…

I hope it helps beginners. This tutorial is certainly not for those who just progress through tutorial courses from the scratch and assume much more knowledge before that.

Hi @Timur_Akhmadulin,

Thanks for your feedback. We are in the process of adding a video lecture in the course on how to use the IDE and run the tests. Hope it would clear up some of the confusion.