Config: Security: keyFile update without restart

Hi everyone


if the Security: keyFile file can be updated without restarting the replicaset nodes?


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No it is not possible without restart
What version are you using and your configuration like?
However for latest versions you can do this with no downtime

Please check this doc

Hi, Thank you very much for the reply.

Y have the version 4.0.5

and the config:

# network interfaces
  maxIncomingConnections: 64000
  serviceExecutor: adaptive
  port: 27017
      mode: requireSSL
      PEMKeyFile: /opt/MongoDB/file.pem
      allowInvalidCertificates: true
      allowInvalidHostnames: true

  keyFile: /opt/MongoDB/keyfile
  authorization: "enabled"

By configuration i meant your setup details like sharded/unsharded cluster,number of nodes,config servers,mongoose etc
Reason for asking this is if it is a sharded cluster you should have min. two mongoose for no downtime upgrade as per the link i shared

Also check this doc for unsharded cluster