Completed courses

I’ve finished my course with a 92% of Total Progress, but it does not appear in my Completed Courses section. Can someone tell me why?

Thanks in advance.

Mine hasn’t moved into that section either. Seems like a bug in MongoU.

Mine hasn’t moved! I got the email and all the stuff but I it isn’t on the completed section. It may be a bug.

Hi Angel_35783,

Please Download Completion Confirmation which is available under the Current Courses. And refresh the page, let me know if it still shows under Current and not Completed courses section.

Meanwhile, thanks for noticing the issue, we are looking into it.


Hi Kanika,

Still in the current courses.

Best regards.


this is my very first post, so don’t blame me please :slight_smile:
I’ve completed the chapter1: introduction of the M001: MongoDB Basics, but I can’t go forward to the chapter2, I’ve completed successfully all labs and quiz.
Please help

You can continue next Tuesday. Every set of chapters has its own deadline, to pace students. This makes sure that you don’t race through the whole course in one go.

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Same for me too. It is still showing in Current courses.

We are aware of the issue. We are in process of fixing it. :slight_smile:


When am writing my final exam after selecting of the answers it’s not giving reply to me as it’s correct or not.its showing to me as your answer is saved . There is a problem after resolving the problem you can complete it.
How can I solve that problem.

This is NOT a problem, this is expected behavior.

You have until the deadline to change your answers on the exam.