Completed Course, but late

I was taken away for a period of time that prevented me from completing the course in a timely manner. No one’s fault but mine, and of course fate. I am here to learn and completed all the course work including extra homework and the final exam. I would obviously like credit for completing, however, I am more concerned with moving forward. I would like to be included in any further courses. Is my tardiness going to be a hinderance?

Thanks for a very good course.

Hi Bill_66282,

I am sorry that you were not able to complete the graded Labs on time :frowning:

We cannot extend the deadlines or give you credit for that. But you can always join the next offering of the course and just complete the assignments on time and can get a good Grade :slight_smile:

Not really, we are all not perfect! Even I am late to reply you, right!

Just that course grade requires the deadline, if Grade does not affect you, then there is no stopping in the learning! Keep Learning!

Let me know if I can help!