Completed Chapter 3 appears as not rated


I have completed Chater 3 and final exam. However, Chapter 3 appears as not rated… Is anyone experimenting the same issue? What can I do to solve it?


Hi auroramo,

the Exam will be graded as stated in this Information, and then they will appear as rated:

Exam Grade Release Date: Feb 21, 17:00 UTC

This is very thrilling to wait for the Exams to be graded :scream:

But i think everything will be fine :relaxed:


Hi tweini,

I’m talking about Chapter 3, not about final exam. The snapshot shows what I mean.


This is correct. For some reason chapter 3 is not graded on labs. Wasn’t when I took it a few months ago, hasn’t changed since then.

ah, ok.

All Assignments in Chapter 3 are ungraded

… Too late answered :open_mouth:

I don’t think that is the reason: Due Date is Feb 19, 17:00 UTC and today is Feb 16 :thinking:

No @auroramo, the labs are graded immediately. Always. Only the exam is graded after the deadline. Chapter 3 simply does not have graded labs, hence why it says “none”.

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