Compass UI: No 'Schema'-Tab

Hello everybody.
I use Compass v1.16.3 community edition. I can’t see the “SCHEMA”-Tab as described in Chapter 1: Introduction - Documents: Scalar Value Types.
Is it gone or can I display the schema of a collection with something different?

Hi All,
I don’t see the Schema Tab either, my MongoDB Compass is v1.16.3

I checked the “Help” >> “Plugins” and i see Compass Schema Plugin (v 1.0.0) is Installed.

Is there any setting to " hide/ unhide" the Schema tab?

@frank-a-m @Sharad_53259,

Guys you have installed community version of Compass which is not supported to view the Scheme tab.
Install the stable version of compass to succeed from above query.


Do we need the other version to successfully complete the course?

Yes use stable version as mentioned above

Hi @Zareena_14138,

Please download the latest 1.17.0 (Stable) version of Compass. You can use the below link to download Compass:

Compass Download

If you are using Windows System, please download 1.18.0-beta.3 (Beta) version of Compass.

If you are still facing any issues, please let me know.


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