Compass only saves one favorite

My compass only saves one favorite. If I try to create a new favorite with a different name, it appears to overwrite the existing favorite.

Also, it does not show anything for my recents.

Is this normal?

Hi @Scott_86953,

No, this is not the expected behaviour.

I will recommend you to do a fresh installation of Compass and hopefully that should resolve your issue.

If the issue still persists then please feel free to get back to us.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Reinstall fixed the problem. Thank you.

There’s also an issue with non-persistent favourites in 1.19.2 and I’ve experienced this problem multiple times so I just gave up saving favourites. For example, if you’re a Windows user, right-click the Compass icon on the taskbar and open a new window, you may notice that your saved favourites are nowhere to be found on the new window.

According to this JIRA, the fix has been applied to the Beta 1.20.0 release.

Or this way (for non Windows users):

Issue resolved after fresh installation.