Compass licencing for course students

After getting bullied for asking about access to the course with other tools than Compass, I progressed in the course to the point where it is required to use the full Compass edition (as opposed to the free Community edition I started with), which is said to be a subscription based software.

Can someone please clarify the licencing requirements to take this course?

I have installed the full Compass and so far it seems to be working without any license, but is it because it is a trial version that will expire after 14 days or so? Can I complete the whole course without having to have a subscription?

Also, there is no pricing provided on the website for getting a subscription, so I suppose the prices are set per company (based on sales person estimation of what each company can afford to pay). I am taking this course as I private person, and I am not going to ask my company to buy subscription for the client tools, because we already have licenses for another product. My company is already paying lots of money for the Atlas database services, so it would be “fair” to ask either for a student license, or allow access with other tools. Unless the course is solely focusing on the features of the full Compass edition, which by the way is not mentioned at all on the course description page.

My understanding is that the Enterprise edition of MongoDB (both the server process and Compass) is free for development and training purposes.

@Simon_39939 Can you include a link to a MongoDB website that confirms this?

What I found is this:
All versions of MongoDB Compass are free to download, but non-community editions are reserved for users with Enterprise Advanced subsciptions or certain levels of MongoDB Atlas subscriptions.

(b) Free Evaluation and Development. MongoDB grants you a royalty-free, nontransferable and nonexclusive license to use and reproduce the Software in your internal environment for evaluation and development purposes. You will not use the Software for any other purpose, including testing, quality assurance or production purposes without purchasing an Enterprise Advanced Subscription. We provide the free evaluation and development license of our Software on an “AS-IS” basis without any warranty.

@Simon_39939 Thanks!

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