Compass 1.21.1 freezes when connecting to Atlas


A few days ago compass was working a.o.k, in the past 2 days I am unable to connect to Atlas cluster. The Compass window becomes faded and it just freezes forever after hitting connect (screenshot attached).

No problem connecting to localhost.

Not being able to access my db for two days is really frustrating?
Any ideas?

Alternatively: Is there any other client that would let me connect to Atlas?


Hi @Sky_Diver,

Can you connect to a local MongoDB instance with Compass?

As far as connecting to your Atlas instance, you can use the mongo shell. You could also try one of the third part tools out there such as dbKoda or Studio 3t.

Hey @Doug_Duncan,

First off, many thanks for your (swift) reply.

As I wrote in my original post, there is no problem connecting to localhost. It has to do just with connecting to Atlas.

As for the rest, I was under the impression that you can connect to Atlas via Compass only and not via other tools. Even if this was true at some point, this info appears to be outdated.

I have Robo3T installed for a while now, and following your post I fired it up and (embarrassing as it is) I realized I can supply a mongodb+srv connection string. From there I was connected to my Atlas instance successfully and in no time. I therefore didn’t try to connect from the mongo shell.

Thanks again for enlightening me. Appreciated! :+1:

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Hi @Sky_Diver,

To help reproduce this issue, can you confirm your O/S version and Atlas cluster type (eg M0)?

If you want to work with documents in Atlas and are having trouble with client applications, you should still be able to use Atlas’ built-in Data Explorer feature.

You can connect to MongoDB Atlas using any drivers or tools that support your cluster’s MongoDB server version and implement TLS/SSL. Free/shared tier clusters (M0, M2, M5) additionally require TLS with SNI support.

Robo3T is unfortunately not actively maintained and has a large number of unresolved (and untriaged) issues including compatibility and stability problems. It also embeds a specific version of the mongo shell, which can cause unexpected issues with different major server releases than the embedded shell version. Most MongoDB admin tools use a supported driver API for broader server version compatibility.

I definitely would not recommend using Robo3T for working with any production data or essential data until it is more actively maintained.


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Thanks for your comments @Stennie

I saw Atlas’s web ui and while it’s indeed a working alternative, it’s cumbersome to use.

Since I’m taking my first steps with Atlas, I’ll still use Robo3T as it is a working alternative to Compass which fails to connect currently. Thanks for the heads up about the issues with Robo3T thought.

A few days ago Compass was hanging for 5-6 connection attempts and around the 7th attempt it magically happened to connect. That was the last time I was able to connect via Compass.

I’m running on Windows 10 version 1803, OS build: 17134.1130.
Trying to connect to a M0 Sandbox (General) cluster tier.

Hope this helps.