Community Day 2021: Agenda and FAQs

What is Community Day?

Community Day is an annual event hosted by the MongoDB Developer Relations team adjacent to the MongoDB.Live conference. Community Day focuses on the global contributions of community members and active participants in MongoDB programs for Champions, Startups, Students, and Academia.

:point_down: MongoDB Community Day 2021 Replay

When is Community Day 2021?

Community Day 2021 was streamed live (and FREE) on YouTube & MongoDB’s Twitch channel from 12-8pm EDT on July 21, 2021.

What can I expect?

Community Day features short sessions (max 25 mins) with online presenters from around the world and some special guests dropping by our Community Day studio in MongoDB’s New York head office. This year’s event highlights some of the diversity in our global community including a fun variety of presentation styles.

:microphone: Event hosts: @Michael_Lynn, @Karen_Huaulme
:tv: Stream wranglers: @nraboy, @ado
:pencil2: Live sketches: @David_Neal (aka ReverentGeek)

:calendar: Agenda: