Collection Schema question

Hi guys! I have a question about the correct way to design a schema for the following scenario.

I have a collection in which I will be storing documents with the same properties, except for one which is “settings”, in that scenario each document might vary, so we might have something like this:

        type: 1,
        settings: {
            companyId: 9239232,
            uniqueId: "D939M"
        type: 3,
        settings: {
            trackingNumber: 9239232,
            business name: "Moon Company"
            accountId: "k4nj4n331"

As you can see we have different settings and as such we can have up to 5 different fields in each settings, is it a bad practice if I store this information as such?

I think that your settings field is a good candidate to apply the attribute pattern.