Collection rules with Flexible Sync enabled?

Is it going to be possible to use the UI based collection rules with flexible sync enabled?

I really enjoyed defining rules through this interface and not being able to use this while sync is enabled is making development a bit challenging for me.

Currently if you enable sync you will need to use the sync permissions. However, we are working on a project to unite sync and regular realm cloud rules in the future - in which case you would just use the UI based collection rules you enjoyed. Stay tuned

Thank you @Ian_Ward that’s great news. I’m rather enjoying flexible sync and this will make things significantly easier. Do you have an ETA for beta or GA of the cloud rules being united?

Hi @Ian_Ward do you have an estimate when this feature may be available?

Hopefully this summer - but this shouldn’t be blocking any task for you. The Flexible Sync page has a permissions configuration which should be very similar to the Rules UI. What development challenges are you running into?