coll.Indexes + Atlas Search Index?

TLDR: The Atlas Search indexes don’t seem to show up on the list when checking all indexes on a collection via the C# driver.

I really did try to search(mongo help/google/etc) but either my search terms are terrible or I am just bad at searching…

Anyway, is there a way to determine if a Mongo Atlas Search(the fancy new text search) index exists on a table?

I am using:
C# Driver
Latest NuGet Version
I tried the standard Collection.Indexes.List() and it does not show up there even though it exists
I can 100% confirm it does indeed exist
Code to use it runs and works and I can verify it used the index. So the index is fine, I just can’t figure out via code if it exists.

Not all tables or search terms have or are valid for my full text search. So one of my checks in code is a pretty basic “if table has Search index, use it, otherwise do a regex(or something else)”. I understand I should probably convert the regex to another Search Index or an added field, but there are a few reasons to not do this.

Hi @Mark_Mann,

To my knowledge the atlas search index won’t show up with the standard listIndexes command. I believe you can use the $listSearchIndexes stage in an aggregation pipeline to retrieve the Atlas Search indexes created on a particular collection instead.

An example of the aggregation stage for returning all atlas search indexes on a collection.

Hope this helps.


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Additionally, we have added helper methods to aid working with Atlas search indexes (creation/management/search). They should be part of next release (version 2.21.0).
Reference: CSHARP-4660


Thank you both. Looks like I have a workaround for now and sometime next year some additional helper functions. Thank you.


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