Cluster URI for mongorestore

What is significance in the above statement of sentence starting by retryWrites
Actually removing this line help me to execute successfully but if i am executing whole statement as written then commands execution fails

What you see is not a statement it is a URL. See for more information. In the above case the different parts are:

mongodb+srv is the scheme
m220student is a user name
m220password is the password of the above user is the host name
retryWrites and w are 2 parameters of the query part

I am getting this error can you help me out
“raise RuntimeError(_app_ctx_err_msg)
RuntimeError: Working outside of application context.”
when i try to run filter, genre ,test text and sub field search.

then why these two parameter i.e retrywrites and w are coming automatically in my SRV String yo connect with application??