Cluster type returned as Unknown when upgrading from 2.19.2 to 2.20.0

We have code that validates cluster type:

if (clusterType is not ClusterType.ReplicaSet and not ClusterType.Sharded)
    throw new Exception($"Cluster type in use is {clusterType}, transactions are only supported on replica sets or sharded clusters. Disable support for transactions by calling 'EndpointConfiguration.UsePersistence<{nameof(MongoPersistence)}>().UseTransactions(false)'.");

And this works fine against a 7.0.1 server setup with a replica set

But if we upgrade MongoDB.Driver from 2.19.2 to 2.20.0 this now starts to fail since cluster type is reported as unknown

Has anyone else run into this?

Fixed by doing a fake server query as stated in c# - MongoDB server State is disconnected - Stack Overflow