Cluster name - create or use existing one

I have just joined the M220JS course and I am trying “Intro: Create or Reuse Atlas Cluster” lab.

The issue is I already have a cluster account - as earlier I had completed the MongoDB Java Developer course. In that course I already have setup a cluster with the name mflix. This course ( M220JS) setup requires a cluster with the same mflix name. Can I use the same one -or- do I have to create a new one? I am not sure and please clarify.

Thank you,

Hi @Prasad_45636,

As that dataset has already been imported/modified by you while doing M220J, I will recommend please create new Project -> cluster (with the same name: mflix). So that there is no chance of corrupted data and you can proceed as usual. :slight_smile:


Yes, I created a new cluster after terminating the previous one with the same name. It worked fine. Thanks.

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