Cloud provider backup region availability

Hi there,

I am currently thinking about our DRP and this question has just pop in my mind.

We are currently using a single region cluster on Atlas GCP.
We have CloudBackup enabled that provides us automatic snapshots. Good enough.

In the documentation ( it is mentioned

Restore your Snapshot to an Atlas Cluster

For best possible restore performance, select a target cluster that belongs to:

  • The same Atlas project as the snapshot. (:white_check_mark:)
  • The same cloud provider region as the snapshot. (:warning:)

My question is “What happen if a whole region of the cloud provider becomes unavailable ?”

Are the CloudSnapshot migrated to a secondary region ?
Do I have to setup some kind of backup of my backups in a replicated way ?

Thanks !

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HI @Xavier_Krantz the snapshots are not stored in a different region but are stored in all AZ’s in a single region, so there would have to be a catastrophic regional failure. Today you can download your snapshots and store them someplace else. There is some functionality we are working on in the future that will help address this in a more automated form.

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