Client reset and the event library

After reviewing the following documentation, there is some behavior of the Event Library functionality that is not clear what to expect.

Given the event library takes Partitions, yet our app is using Flexible sync, does that mean the event data is being stored in a different realm or backend app / db altogether from the data being flex sync’d?

The use case I am attempting to understand:

  1. Given a destructive sync occurs (another permutation would be terminate sync and restart)
  2. Given the event library is recording all write events with the object ids / values
  3. When a client reset event must be handled for the realm which had a schema change
  4. Then will the event data still be being sync’d to the backend and exist because no schema change occurred to the Event Library format?
    if No to #4, the event data is not still sent to backend, does it exist locally (and where)?
    if No to #4, and it exists locally still, wouldn’t this be a better baseline to start from when attempting to recover local data compared to a backup of the realm? It would have timestamps of when the objects changed, their actual specific field before/after values, what field names actually did change, etc? Enumerating these events and applying them to a fresh realm seems far easier than the approach taken in the client reset guides, given there is no default last-update timestamp on objects, let alone at the field level.

Another question:
Given beginScope has been called
When a destructive or other event occurs causing a client reset
Then is endScope automatically called so events occurring since the beginScope call are recorded and available for recovery?

Thank you for your time,