Click at Collections to follow Training leads to error


have redone this step.

  1. Loaded Sample Data succesfull, it is displayed
  2. Now I’m prompted “Sample dataset succesfully loaded. Access it in Dat Explorer by clicke the Collecitons button or with the Mongo Shell”

-> So I click at Collections like in the video:
But only to get a { status: 404,
message: “Document Not Found” }

Oops! We can’t find the page you were looking for.

If you’re experiencing a critical issue, please email support.

What do I miss?


May be temporay network issues.Restart Compass or relogin to Atlas and see
Can you see the newly loaded data by shell?

yes seems to be an intermittent issue.
Thanks for your feedback.
(Great that this mongo instance is free and the course is great … however as very first experience…)

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