Class Name Length

What is the maximum class name length?

class some_really_long_class_name: Object {
      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this

If we look at the classic documentation it appears to be 57 UTF8 characters in the Swift SDK

1. Class names are limited to a maximum of 57 UTF8 characters.

It doesn’t appear to be addressed directly in the MongoDB Realm guide but more generally in the MongoDB Docs

For featureCompatibilityVersion set to “4.4” or greater, MongoDB raises the limit on collection/view namespace to 255 bytes. For a collection or a view, the namespace includes the database name, the dot (.) separator, and the collection/view name (e.g. database.collection)

so we have two different conventions mentioned, UFT8 chars and bytes, so the from the classic docs, assuming a UTF8 char is 4 bytes, so 228 Bytes? or 255 Bytes with database.collection or something else?