Class atlas cluster connection string

Could You please share the class atlas cluster connection string.

It is in Chapter 0: Setup lesson: Connecting to Our Class Atlas Cluster from the mongo Shell.

Hi @Khushboo_Goyal,

Let us know if you are still having any issues.

Here is the connection string :

mongo "mongodb+srv://" --username m001-student -password m001-mongodb-basics

~ Shubham

I used the above string it does not work. I tried Sandbox instead of cluster0 and that did not work either. I know what a database is but in the setup you don’t reference it. Is it the same as the project?? I have developed 2 stand alone projects with Mongodb. This course just confuses me.

I don’t get the impression that you are interested in getting us up and running. I have a new versions of a product which is running on a single machine. Why do you make it so hard to get up and running. Like most developers it seems that you are trying to make this complicated to show how smart you are. Please give it a rest.

The connect string you are referring to is for Class cluster
You don’t have to modify it.Run as is
What error are you getting?A screenshot wil help
Where you are running in IDE terminal or your local host?

Sandbox is your own cluster where you load data and create your own DBs
is the name of the DB which you want to connect
In Class cluster you have several DBs
Say you wan’t to connect video DB you replace test with video
For now you can use test which puts you in a dummy DB which comes with mongodb as default
Once you are connect to test db you can swicth to other DBs using use db command

This is the command line I used in the lab

mongo “mongodb+srv://” --username m001-student -password m001-mongodb-basics

This is the response

3 total, 0 passed, 0 skipped:
[FAIL] “Successfully connected to the Atlas Cluster”

Did you use the right command with the Atlas provided connection string?

[FAIL] “The cluster name is Sandbox”

Did you name your Atlas cluster Sandbox?

[FAIL] “The username is m001-student”

Did you create a username m001-student?

I am running in the IDE terminal

I get the same results when I cut and paste the string that was offered as a connection string

The connect string you are using is not correct
From where you got it?You cannot change the standard connect string of Class cluster to Sandbox
It is same for all strudents
Please check above Shubham_Ranjan reply.Clearly given the string you have to use to connect to Class cluster

Sandbox name will be valid to your cluster.Once you setup your Sandbox cluster you wil get your connect string

Don’t get confused with Class cluster(common for all) and Sandbox cluster(your own)
You will be working with both
Please go through your lectures/videos.It will be clear

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Why do you get that impression? That was your first post on this forum. How can you say we are not interested? You got some reply from @Ramachandra_37567 almost instantly.

If you are confused as in:

Post questions here. A screenshot of what you are doing that shows the issues you are having is the most useful thing for people trying to help. Things like

is not sufficient as sometimes, more often than none, people entered the correct command at the wrong place, or they do not press [ENTER] at the end.

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