Clarification Request : How can I peer a MongoDB Atlas cluster hosted in Azure with another Azure app located in a different subscription?

We are in the early stages of building our app and have chosen Azure to host our MongoDB Atlas cluster. Our app is also hosted in Azure, and we want to peer the Atlas cluster with our Azure app.

Is there a way to achieve this using the Administration API? We understand that it can be done through the Atlas UI, but we are specifically looking for an API approach.

We found an API here, but the prerequisites section redirects to the documentation of another API.

Could anyone provide clarity on this topic, including the usage of Azure CLI and the process for granting consent for first-time peering? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ajay, and welcome to the forums!

I am not sure which prerequesite you are referring to. The Admin API should only require an API key. Would you care to point me to which documentation you are referring to.

Alternatively, may I recommend looking at our Atlas CLI. It’s not an API per se, but it’s a tool that is often used to programmatically control clusters using bash scripting.


Hi @Joel_Lord - thanks for the reply. I’m referring to the prerequisites mentioned in this document
It would suit us better to do this via API, so if you can provide clarification on that, it would be great.

Hi @Joel_Lord can you help out here please ?

Hi Ajay,

You should be able to find the API spec at MongoDB Atlas Administration API