Clarification on the ordering of results in DBA practice exam

Team - One of the correct options as per the screenshot is "This answer is correct. In ascending order, numerical data types are sorted before strings, arrays (like this one), and objects."

But when tested by actually inserting the data, that is not the expected behavior.

The array data type are sorted prior to the number.

Option 3 is also incorrect. Can you please validate and confirm?


Can someone help me on the clarification? Is my understanding correct?

Hi @Antony_M,

I have tested this example and you’re right, I don’t understand why option 3 is correct.

The behavior is that the result is ordered according the first element stored into the array, so with this examples response 3 shouldn’t be correct. You can see with my last results that strings have the expected result (sorted after numbers)

Acording to documentation option 3 is correct but results say it isn’t.

Please,can anyone clarify this question?

Kind regards,

Hi @baena8086 @Antony_M,

Thanks for highlighting this!!

You are correct, the option 3 as given in the above screenshot is incorrect ordering.

You can refer to this documentation for details.

I will forward this to the team and we will get this updated in our next iteration of the Practice Exam update.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,

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