CI/CD for Stitch Application

There seems to be no ‘easy’ way to deploy a stitch application into different environments, via a git repository (that is not GitHub).

Ideally, for three stages (dev>staging>prod), I should be able to:

  • export a blank application (–for-source-control) into my dev branch on initial setup
  • add functions, context values, … any other changes
  • import app to dev environment
  • commit changes (in a --for-source-control conform way)
  • switch to staging branch, import to staging application

The issues I am facing with this flow are:

  • I can’t parameterize certain configurations such as context values (/values)
  • After ‘import’ ids are added to the functions, making it ‘non-source-control’ conform

Are there best practices here, anyone can share?

Thank you!