Chunks - mongoimport


Just wanting to know if we are supposed to run the mongoimport on Lecture : Chunks.

mongoimport -d m103 -c products /shared/products.part2.json


Hi @Edwin_49627,

You need to follow the steps mentioned in the labs. Lectures will show you how but the configuration should be the same as mentioned in the Lab requirements.


Not referring to the lab, this is the one on the lecture. Just want to make sure it is not a prereq to anything.

No, its not. :slight_smile:


though it is not part of lab but still tried to work out. It says it is not able to connect to db whereas “m103” is up and available and products collection shows the expected count as well from the previous import. Not sure why second import fails…

it throws error:

A database and a server are not the same thing.

A server is an instance of mongod running on a given host on a given port. The error … no reachable servers indicates that there is hummm no running server at the given host and port. Since your first mongoimport command do not specify any host and port, the default host (localhost) and default port (27017) are used. In the second mongoimport, you specify a port.