Chicago MUG - Coyote Logistics Use case : Advanced Aggregation Techniques in Practice

The Chicago MongoDB User Group (MUG) is excited to present a meetup that promises to be both enlightening and engaging. Join us for a dynamic gathering featuring captivating presentations complete with live demonstrations, trivia, and of course, great food :hamburger: :pizza: :ramen: and exciting swag! :tshirt:


06:00 PM - 06:15 PM: Registration and Welcome
Kickstart the day with registration, followed by a warm welcome and an overview of the exciting agenda.

06:30 PM - 07:15 PM: “Unveiling the Power of Mongo Aggregation Framework in Logistics Automation”

Coyote Logistics is a third-party broker that connects thousands of customers (shippers) with qualified carriers (usually truckers) willing to transport the shipper loads. A significant portion of qualified truckers are matched to pre-existing rates based on load route (origin and destination) and other requirements (such as hazmat, oversized load, etc.).

Bart will demonstrate using the Mongo aggregation framework to efficiently automate the process of matching carriers and rates to load requirements. This will include several common aggregation operations, as well as some more advanced and relatively recent ones, such as bitwise filtering (to match multiple Boolean fields in 1 step), $Function, $Facet and $Lookup. Bart will also discuss 3 distinct ways to perform aggregations in C# and show how one of these techniques can be used to dynamically create efficient pipelines on the fly, based on varying requirements.

07:15 PM - 07:30 PM: Bringing AI into your Apps with MongoDB & your relational workloads to MongoDB with confidence.

Explore the fusion of Artificial Intelligence with your apps, unlocking new dimensions of capabilities and enhancing user experiences. Transition your relational workloads to MongoDB, embarking on a journey filled with confidence and robust solutions, ensuring a seamless migration and potent performance. This talk is your gateway to mastering these transformative technologies, delivered by a seasoned Solutions Architect ready to guide you through the intricacies and the potential they unlock.

07:45 PM Onwards: Swag Giveaways and Networking

Wrap up the day with exciting swag giveaways and a chance to network further with your newfound MongoDB connections.

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Event Type: In-Person
Location: The Green Exchange, 2545 W Diversey Ave -

Speakers and Host

Bart Clare

Senior Software Engineer at Coyote Logistics

Gowtham Manivelan

Solutions Architect at MongoDB


Jacob Latonis

Senior Threat Research Engineer @ Proofpoint


Cassiano Bein

MongoDB User Group Leader and Sr Solutions Architect

Cassiano has been part of the MongoDB team for 3+ years. He has over 20 years of experience in it and he is local to Chicago! He is passionate about all thing tech, and love gadgets, cars, and grilling!